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Comparison of alkaline batteries and carbon-zinc batteries

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  What kind of battery should be used for common low-power devices such as TV remote control or alarm clock? Which battery is best for cordless phones? Are you confused when choosing carbon-zinc batteries and alkaline batteries? What are the differences between the two batteries? Please see this article for a brief introduction.

Comparison of alkaline batteries and carbon-zinc batteries

  The most important difference between a carbon-zinc battery and an alkaline battery is the type of electrolyte used in the battery. Carbon-zinc batteries usually use ammonium chloride, while alkaline batteries use potassium hydroxide. However, these chemical costs do not explain the purpose of the battery. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully understand the capacity, advantages and applications of the two batteries.

  The advantages of alkaline batteries

  Alkaline batteries have higher energy density and longer shelf life, that is, the storage time of the battery without loss of capacity. Alkaline batteries are the result of a lot of research and development efforts and include three unique technologies. The first is leakage protection, which can protect electrical appliances from leakage. The root cause of battery leakage is the change of battery chemical composition and the gas generated during discharge.

  Secondly, alkaline batteries have a specially designed coating that reduces contact resistance and improves reliability. Finally, the alkaline battery adopts super electric energy formula, which can maintain longer power supply time for high power consumption equipment.

  Which equipment is suitable for alkaline batteries

  As alkaline batteries have higher capacity than carbon-zinc batteries, they are more suitable for high-power devices such as electric toothbrushes, toys, and gamepads.

  The advantages of carbon zinc battery

  High-powered carbon-zinc batteries have long been widely used. It adopts simple, mature and reliable technology with excellent cost performance. For low power consumption equipment, it is extremely economical in terms of unit hour cost.

  Which equipment is suitable for carbon zinc battery

  Carbon-zinc battery is a reliable power source for devices with less power consumption. For example, TV remote controls, clocks, smoke detectors and flashlights are more suitable for carbon batteries due to their lower power consumption. It can still be used for a longer time with the same money.


  As expected, the capacities of the two batteries are quite different. Due to the difference in chemical composition, alkaline batteries provide better electrical energy than carbon batteries. Therefore, the two batteries are suitable for different devices.

  Other batteries

  Some devices use batteries other than those described in this article. Gaoju can supply various types of battery products suitable for various devices.

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