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Why are alkaline batteries better than other types?

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  Why are alkaline batteries better than other types?First, let’s learn about the excellent genes of alkaline batteries.Do you want to know why many companies hype about the benefits of alkaline batteries? Why are they better than carbon batteries, large-capacity batteries and rechargeable batteries? After reading this article, you will be able to understand the different types of batteries, as well as alkaline Why battery is a better choice in all devices.

Why are alkaline batteries better than other types?

  First, let's look at the difference between alkaline batteries and non-alkaline batteries, and also explore the advantages and disadvantages of buying alkaline batteries. Finally, we will introduce the advantages of Gaojuneng battery compared with peers. After all, everyone wants to save some money, right?

  Knowing the battery type can help you choose the best quality battery. If you have a lot of electronic products or power tools, then you know the importance of never being short of electricity. When the battery is exhausted and you don't have any inventory, you can't do the important work, which is very frustrating. Choosing high-power batteries allows you to completely avoid this dilemma.

  What is the difference between alkaline batteries and non-alkaline batteries?

  If you do not know the relevant knowledge of alkaline batteries and non-alkaline batteries, then you may not know the difference between the two. It may feel that the battery difference should be small, but it is not. There is a big difference between the two batteries. You can save time, energy and money when you buy a battery after understanding the performance of the battery.

  Although alkaline batteries and non-alkaline batteries are derived from the same chemical composition, the performance of the two is quite different. For example, alkaline batteries are heavier, and non-alkaline batteries are slightly lighter. The two types of batteries include AA, AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V batteries, and they can be used as long as the correct type is selected.

  The electrolyte used in alkaline batteries is different from non-alkaline batteries. For example, alkaline batteries use potassium hydroxide (the chemical formula KOH, also known as caustic potassium or caustic alkali, which is also the origin of the name "alkaline"), non-alkaline batteries It is possible to use zinc chloride (chemical formula ZnCl2, also called zinc chloride powder). The chemical composition of these electrolytes is different, and the chemical reactions that occur are also different. Because of the nature of the electrolyte, alkaline batteries are more durable.

  The most significant difference between alkaline batteries and non-alkaline batteries is the amount of power they can provide. Carbon batteries are not as durable as alkaline batteries. For example, the durability of high-power alkaline batteries is 6-9 times that of traditional carbon batteries. Moreover, alkaline batteries are more environmentally friendly because they do not contain harmful substances such as mercury, cadmium, and lead, making them a "green" product.

  high-power alkaline batteries can be stored for up to ten years, can be stored for a long time without worrying about expiration, and convenient to use at any time in case of need. Some low-quality products can only be stored for two years, and there will be problems such as insufficient power, leakage, and rust, which waste time, resources and money.

  Alkaline battery advantages and disadvantages

  Even though the advantages of alkaline batteries are crushing the same kind, it is still necessary to fully understand its advantages and disadvantages. One of the advantages of choosing alkaline batteries is cost, especially compared to the so-called "large capacity" and "rechargeable" batteries. You can buy a large box of batteries and keep them at home for several years. Even if the battery is not used in normal times, it is still necessary to keep some stocks for immediate use and emergency.

  Another advantage of alkaline batteries is that they can be used in extremely high and extremely low temperature environments, while carbon batteries cannot. In high and low temperature environments, the efficiency of carbon batteries is greatly reduced. For appliances that are often used outdoors, this is particularly important.

  Alkaline batteries have unique environmental advantages and do not contain harmful components such as lead, mercury and cadmium, so waste batteries will not cause serious damage to the environment. Non-alkaline batteries need to be discarded in a special way to avoid pollution. Therefore, you no longer have to feel guilty about throwing away alkaline batteries, because it will not damage the environment.

  Disadvantages of alkaline batteries

  One of the disadvantages of alkaline batteries is that they are bulky and not easy to store in small spaces. In addition, charging alkaline batteries may cause an explosion, which may cause leakage and damage electronic components. Gaoju can use patented double ring protection to prevent leakage.

  The leakage of the battery is very harmful and may damage the electrical equipment where it is located. If you take a look at the old electronic devices in the past, they can no longer be used because of the corrosion of the batteries left in them, causing considerable losses. Therefore, the double-loop protection is of great significance to the protection of electrical equipment.

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