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The correct way to charge the battery

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  The correct way to charge the battery

  Correct charging method

  There are more and more electric devices in today's cars. When using these electric devices, car owners should try not to overload the battery. Overloading of the battery will reduce the life of the battery. It is very important to master the correct battery charging method.

  First, connect the positive pole of the battery to the positive pole of the power supply and the negative pole of the battery to the negative pole of the power supply.

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  Then the initial charging is carried out in two stages: first, the initial charging current is used to charge until the electrolyte releases bubbles, and the single cell voltage rises to 2.3~2.4V. Then reduce the current to 1/2 the initial charging current, continue charging until the electrolyte releases violent bubbles, and the voltage is stable for 3 hours. The total charging time is about 45~65h.

  During the charging process, always measure the temperature of the electrolyte by halving the current, stopping charging or cooling, and control the temperature at 35~40℃. When the initial charging is completed, if the electrolyte's specific gravity is out of specification, use distilled water or electrolysis with a specific gravity of 1.4 Liquid to adjust. After adjustment, charge for 2h until the specific gravity meets the requirements.

  Tip: The battery is generally replaced every two or three years. The correct battery maintenance method can maintain the normal life of the battery and make your battery "full of power". It not only saves you a lot of trouble, but also saves you money on buying car batteries.

  The maintenance of the battery maintains the normal maintenance and maintenance of the time concept. Ordinary maintenance refers to the maintenance in the ordinary work. It is the basic and effective work of Yuasa battery maintenance. The maintenance of the concept of time is aimed at the different situations of the battery. In the electric vehicle charging station Yuasa battery is usually maintained and maintained, and the liquidation of the appearance of the battery is always maintained.

  If you notice dust and acid on the surface, you should wash it immediately. When cleaning, you can first clean it with a cloth with natural soda water, and then rinse it with cold water. Always clean the exhaust pipe plug with pure water, and keep the exhaust pipe plug for good ventilation. Carry out the battery charging, charging and discharging and compensation work in accordance with the specifications. During the whole process of battery charging, the temperature of lithium battery electrolyte should not exceed 45°C to prevent excessive battery charging.

  During the whole charge and discharge process, high current charge and discharge and excessive charge and discharge are advised. During the whole process of battery charging, ventilation and cooling equipment should be activated to clear the organic gas, so that the indoor air quality is relatively fresh, so as to reduce the corrosion of the staff, machinery and equipment by the acid-base molecular structure. Any defects should be liquidated immediately.

  Battery time concept maintenance: If you use Yuasa battery, you should carefully clean the surface with pure water once a month until the surface (including the casing) is not acidic. When starting up the Yuasa battery, you should carefully check the connection bar, the contact status and robustness of the pole and the output wiring, eliminate the metal oxide and rust at the metal data location (such as the terminal block), and change the metal The earth forest oil of the data location.

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