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battery capacity is lacking?

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  We should stop regular inspections of batteries, so how do we find the lack of capacity of batteries? The common methods of discrimination are as follows. Using a multimeter to check can only check the voltage of the battery, not as a capacity test. When the voltage test of some batteries that have been damaged is stopped, the voltage will be 12V. The cause of the damage is not the single cell damage of the battery, but the plate hole obstruction. The formed capacity is lacking, so there is no voltage drop of the battery.

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  The experienced repairman can judge whether the battery can continue to be used by the speed of the engine when it is started, but because this judgment is too objective, the judgment basis cannot tell the owner, and the judgment is correct or not directly related to the degree of the repairman, so Unable to implement it. Inspection window The maintenance-free battery has an inspection window on it, which can judge the quality of the battery by observing the color inside.

  But this kind of observation is only a rough judgment through the electrolyte density and liquid level in the battery. It can only judge whether the battery is damaged, but it cannot judge whether the cold start capacity of the battery is sufficient or whether it can be used continuously. Here we need to distinguish the difference between "not broken" and "usable". The battery that is not broken in the inspection window may not be usable.

  Whether the time battery can continue to use the elapsed time to judge, this method is too objective. Since different car owners have different driving habits, cars with the same operating time also have different vehicle conditions, and the service life of the battery will also be very different, so this judgment method is not advisable. How does the tester correctly judge whether the battery can be used normally? The author can better detect the starting capacity of the battery with the battery tester, so as to judge whether the battery can be used normally.

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