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Application requirements of UPS power supply system in the communication industry

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  The application requirements of UPS power supply system in the communication industry. With the reorganization of the communications industry and the commercialization of 5G, the domestic communications power supply market has developed more rapidly. In the context of the country’s call for energy conservation and emission reduction, the reduction of carbon emissions, energy conservation and environmental protection have become increasingly popular The concern of the industry is no exception for the uninterruptible power supply UPS that guarantees the reliable and safe operation of the power supply of communication equipment.

Application requirements of UPS power supply system in the communication industry(图1)

  ups power supply system demand in communication power supply

  Communication power equipment and facilities mainly include: AC mains introduction lines, high and low voltage internal power supply and distribution equipment, diesel generator sets, rectifiers, battery packs, DC converters, UPS, and various AC and DC power distribution panels, etc., forming one Complete power supply system, reasonable control, distribution, and transmission to meet the requirements of communication equipment.

  ① When the space is limited when installing UPS power supply and battery, it is necessary to put forward demands on the supplier of UPS power supply to increase the space utilization rate of equipment installation;

  ②For earthquakes, fires and other emergencies, it can provide remote or near-end remote quick shutdown functions to avoid more serious losses in emergencies;

  ③Because of the limited space for installing UPS and batteries, UPS suppliers are required to increase the space utilization rate of equipment placement; it is required to make full use of limited space resources;

  ④ups power backup battery must have leakage detection function; it can be used as automatic reminder of battery inspection date or replacement date.

  Application of   ups power supply system in the communication industry

  The first is emergency use to prevent sudden power failure from affecting normal operation and causing damage to the computer; the second is to eliminate "power pollution" such as mains surge, instant high voltage, instant low voltage, wire noise and frequency deviation, and improve Power quality, to provide high-quality power for the computer system.

  The application of UPS uninterruptible power supply system in the communication industry. Because UPS is a guarantee, its own stability is more important. UPS uninterruptible power supply system is used in the communication industry. Therefore, when users choose UPS products, whether they are small and medium-sized enterprise users or others, they must first consider the quality of UPS products.

  The quality of a product is the first criterion for users to choose a product. The quality can determine which brand of product you will choose, because we say that a brand is called a brand because it has been verified and recognized by many people.

  With the increasing demand for communication affairs, the evolution of communication power, as predicted a few years ago, has rapidly developed to a tightly integrated form of communication. In order to ensure the reliability of power supply safety, communication power supply will use DC power supply as the basic power supply form, and the use of AC power supply forms coexist. According to many applications of computer equipment, UPS equipment is used more and more in communication power supply.

  Generally speaking, the products supplied by regular manufacturers are generally of higher quality. Large manufacturers with a certain history and culture will have correspondingly strong continuity in their products, which guarantees the supply of repair spare parts to a certain extent. When choosing UPS as a communication power source, attention should be paid to the selection of product manufacturers and the importance of reputation.

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