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6 key points of battery

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  The battery can realize uninterrupted power supply due to the battery. When there is an abnormality in the mains, the inverter can directly convert the chemical energy of the battery into AC electrical energy and send it out, using electrical equipment to operate continuously.

6 key points of battery(图1)

  1, compatibility

  Battery on-line monitoring and management system has electromagnetic compatibility considerations in circuit design and structural design. The use of metal shell has a good shielding effect, and the system has no electromagnetic interference to the outside world.

  2, flame retardancy

  Battery online monitoring management system uses flame-retardant components and failures caused by short-circuit and overcurrent of the system will not cause open flames to burn.

  3, fault tolerance

  Each detection channel uses a high-impedance input method, and the current of the detection circuit is less than microampere, which will not affect the battery. Using the design of low-power components, the power consumption of the system operation is low, and the requirements for the user's power supply system are not high.

  4, explosion-proof

  The battery online monitoring and management system uses electronic relays, which can switch sparks without channels, and contact the connection equipment without causing open flames. It can also be used in petrochemical operations with high explosion-proof requirements.

  5. Interference

  The battery online monitoring and management system uses power conversion technology, has a wide operating voltage range, and has a strong ability to prevent overcurrent and overvoltage. The system is also designed with an anti-surge circuit, which can operate normally in a high frequency and strong magnetic field environment.

  6. Maintainability

  The battery online monitoring and management system uses modular design, which has strong online maintainability, and online maintenance will not affect the normal operation of the user system.

  The battery should have the characteristic of being able to output a large current at the moment of starting and discharging, and it can also meet a certain capacity requirement to ensure the time for inverter power supply.

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