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What is the online interactive battery power supply

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  As we all know, in the battery power supply industry, battery power can be divided into online battery power, online interactive battery power, backup battery power, etc.; at the same time, different working principles and power advantages.

  1. The definition of online interactive battery power supply

  The online interactive battery is both a charger and an inverter, so it is called a double conversion type, which refers to the inversion of the power supply when the mains is input.

What is the online interactive battery power supply(图1)

  The device is in the reverse working state to charge the battery. When the mains power fluctuates, it will be put into inverter work immediately, and the battery pack power will be

  is changed to AC output, so the online interactive battery power supply also has a certain conversion time. Compared with the backup type, the online interactive

  type has stronger protection ability, and the inverter output voltage waveform is better, generally sine wave. This battery power supply has a software function that can

  is very convenient for remote control and intelligent management, suitable for servers and minicomputers.

  2. Working principle of online interactive battery power supply

  When the mains power is normal, the battery power supplies the load to improve the mains, and the smart switch adjusts the tap of the transformer to complete the output power

  Voltage adjustment, the inverter is in the reverse working state, charging the battery pack and acting as a charger; when the mains is interrupted, the negative

  The load is completely supplied by the battery and the power is transformed by the inverter. This two-way converter can be used as an inverter or

  as a charger.

  Third, the characteristics of online interactive battery power supply

  The online interactive battery power supply is a kind of intelligent battery. Its biggest advantage is that it has strong software functions and can be convenient

  go online, remote control and intelligent management of storage battery. Can automatically detect whether the external input voltage is within the normal range

  Within   , if there is a deviation, the voltage stabilizing circuit can be boosted or bucked to provide a relatively stable sine wave output voltage. And between it and the computer

  Data communication can be carried out through a data interface such as RS-232 serial port. Through the monitoring software, the user can directly monitor from the computer screen

  Control the power supply and battery status, simplify and facilitate management work, and improve the reliability of the computer system. After this battery is concentrated

  The advantages of high efficiency of standby battery and high quality of online battery power supply.


  The circuit is simple, the cost is low, the reliability is high, and the efficiency is high. The efficiency can reach more than 950%. The overload capacity is strong.

  The load capacity can reach 200%.

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