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Use and maintenance of FPV battery

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  Now all lithium batteries are used on fpv, and many pilots use 3s/4s batteries in fpv racing competitions.

  The so-called 3s is composed of 3 lithium batteries in series (3S1P), that is, the voltage of each battery is 3.7V. The actual voltage of a single-chip lithium battery is 2.75~4.2V, and the capacity of the lithium battery is the amount of electricity obtained by discharging 4.2V to 2.75V. The fpv lithium battery must be used within the voltage range of 2.75~4.2V. If the battery voltage is lower than 2.75V, it is an over-discharge. The lithium battery will expand and the internal chemical liquid will crystallize. These crystals may pierce the internal structure layer and cause a short circuit, or even make the lithium battery voltage zero. The remote control airplane lithium battery voltage is higher than 4.2V, which is an overcharge, the internal chemical reaction is too intense, the lithium battery will swell, and if it continues to charge, it will expand and burn. Whether it is over-discharge or over-charge, it will cause great damage to the remote control airplane lithium battery.

Use and maintenance of FPV battery(图1)

  Because the batteries used for fpv are often violent flight, so the use and maintenance of fpv batteries must pay attention to skills.

  1. The charging voltage shall not exceed the prescribed limit voltage (4.2V per chip), 4.25V is the highest limit of the charging voltage for each cell. The charging current should not be too large (for example, 3s1500MAH TATTU brand batteries are generally charged with a charger set to 1.5a-2a)

  2. Correctly connect the positive and negative poles of the battery. If the positive and negative poles are connected reversely, the battery cannot be charged. Reverse charging will damage the battery and even cause heat, leakage, or fire.

  3. Over-discharge will cause damage to the battery. When discharging, the voltage of the single battery must not be lower than 3.6V (when the single chip reaches 3.8v, the aircraft can almost start to land).

  4. The battery should be stored in a cool environment. When storing the battery for a long time (more than 3 months), it is recommended to place it in an environment with a temperature of 10-25°C and a low temperature without corrosive gas. During long-term storage, the battery is charged and discharged once every 3 months to maintain battery activity and ensure that the voltage of each cell is within the range of 3.7 ~ 3.9V!

  5. No matter how good the battery is, a good charger is required. A brand-name charger of tens of dollars is not reliable.

  6. Fei FPV must use brand-name batteries, no other brand-name batteries are needed, and the single-chip voltage varies greatly

  7. When flying on a hot day, try to choose before sunrise or when the sun goes down. The temperature is not so high. The battery and ESC should pay attention to heat dissipation, and they can be externally mounted outside the aircraft as much as possible to dissipate heat.

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