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What are the advantages of drone lithium batteries?

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  Lithium battery structure is divided into battery cell and battery pack

  Batteries: mainly composed of positive and negative plates, electrolyte, and diaphragm paper. The positive electrode in the electrolyte contains lithium-rich ions, and the negative electrode is carbon ions. During the charging process, Li+ will pass through the separator paper and adhere to the negative electrode. The negative electrode sheet is wider than the positive electrode sheet. There is one more layer of negative electrode sheet in the entire battery cell. The higher the magnification, the more laminated sheets.

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  Battery pack: The combination is to match the batteries with the closest voltage and internal resistance. The battery pack is composed of batteries, aluminum sheets, head green paper, blown heat shrinkable film, etc., and aluminum sheets can protect the batteries from wear , Is the battery life extension, but at the same time will increase the weight of the battery.

  UAVs and model airplanes generally use lithium battery packs as their power system due to higher requirements for battery explosive power and battery capacity.

  What are the advantages of lithium batteries?

  The advantage of lithium battery is its explosive power. The cycle number of Li-fe (lithium iron phosphate battery) is about 1000 times, which can be overcharged and overdischarged, and has good safety (the disadvantage is that the current technology is not perfect, and the capacity and voltage are not large). Li-po is only 200-300 times, and cannot be overcharged or over-discharged. But with the same size, Li-Fe can only achieve 70% of the capacity of LiPo, and the voltage is only 3.3V. Grignard’s tattu lithium polymer battery can achieve high capacity and meet the voltage requirements of UAV model aircraft.

  For example: Tattu 30000mAh 25C 22.2V aerial surveying drone battery spare lithium battery general version, this aircraft lithium battery capacity is up to 30000mAh, 25C high magnification, strong endurance, which is difficult to achieve with the same Li-Fe battery.

  In short, aircraft lithium batteries are lithium batteries used in drones and model airplanes, and among them, polymer lithium batteries represented by tattu professional drone batteries are the main type. Lithium batteries have a high rate and have the advantage of high bursts. Among them, lithium polymer batteries have high capacity and sufficient rate under the same conditions. They are commonly used lithium batteries for aircraft lithium batteries.

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