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Precautions for liquid injection in lithium battery production

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  Preparation of lithium battery injection tools: beakers, liquid bottles, glass rods, droppers, plastic pipes, valves and other auxiliary appliances and articles drying: drying in an oven at 60-65°C, drying time ≥3h (especially Pay attention to remove the water in the dropper tip).

  Drying materials such as cloth strips and paper rolls need to be dried in a vacuum at a temperature of 75-80°C for 8 hours, during which time the air should be changed every 2 hours;

Precautions for liquid injection in lithium battery production

  Check the moisture content of the glove box: use a dew point meter to test the moisture in the glove box, and the dew point meter shows that the dew point temperature needs

  ≤-30℃; otherwise, it is necessary to replace nitrogen in the glove box and test again;

  Preparation of lithium battery electrolyte: by injecting nitrogen into a stainless steel vat of 200Kg pure electrolyte to pressurize the electrolyte to a large beaker in the glove box;

  Additive drying method: currently used additives are BG, T, E, VC, 204, according to their physical properties can be divided into two categories: solid and liquid (including slightly heated to liquid), solid: BG, liquid There are: 204, T, E, VC.

  Drying of solid additives: Put the additives in a beaker, stir and mix evenly with a glass rod, cover the mouth of the beaker with 250 mesh filter gauze, then tie the mouth of the cup with copper wire, and put it in a vacuum drying oven (≤-0.08 Mpa) Dry it at 65±5oC for 10~12H; after drying, it should be taken out immediately, and the transfer process should not exceed 3 minutes; if it is not required to be taken out immediately, please store it in a vacuum oven;

  Liquid additive transfer

  (1) Directly press out such as 204 and T through high-pressure gas, use a dry container (must be equipped with a lockable lid) after connecting, tighten the lid immediately, and send it into the glove box transition bin within 3 minutes ; If there is a pipe directly leading into the glove box, you can directly enter the glove box through the pipe, and the pipe needs to be kept dry;

  (2) It cannot be pressed out by high-pressure gas, and small packages such as VC can be used in the glove box as required;

  (3) For liquids that need to be heated, such as E. When melting, twist the lid of the bucket. Do not open the lid for melting. Dry at 65±5°C for 3~4 hours. After melting, pack several vials at a time and put them in gloves The box is sealed and stored for multiple use; E can not be repeatedly dried more than 3 times.

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