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What should be paid attention to when mixing lithium battery raw materials?

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  Lithium battery positive (negative) electrode slurry preparation is a mixing process in which positive (negative) electrode materials such as positive (negative) electrode active material, conductive agent, binder, etc. are mixed together. The mixing is the battery active material material And auxiliary materials, highly dispersed in a solvent to form a Newtonian high-viscosity fluid, to achieve the purpose of fully mixing and uniformly dispersing the active material, conductive agent, binder and other additives.

What should be paid attention to when mixing lithium battery raw materials?

  Lithium battery raw material mixing

  Points to note:

  (1) The raw materials must meet the process requirements, such as the type of material and the amount of each component added;

  (2) The positive electrode cannot bring in moisture;

  (3) Keep the equipment dry and control indoor humidity;

  (4) The dissolution process of PVDF is relatively slow. It is necessary to dissolve PVDF in NMP before pulping. CMC is also a difficult solution. Dissolve CMC in water before pulping; PVDF and CMC must be fully dissolved and dispersed evenly, if there are particles The binder or thickener must increase the mixing time or change the mixing process;

  (5) After adding the conductive agent and the active material, the slurry should be uniform, without agglomerated particles, and the bubbles in the slurry should be removed. The positive electrode viscosity: 4000-

  10000mpa.s, negative electrode viscosity: 1500mpa.s, slurry viscosity and solid content are very important to the coating process.

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