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3C lithium-ion battery certification process and test solutions

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  The scope of application of 3C lithium-ion batteries includes portable electronic products and mobile communication products. In short, the batteries used in mobile phones, tablet computers, notebook computers, wearable devices and other products are collectively referred to as 3C lithium-ion batteries. As a kind of energy storage element, 3C lithium ion battery's safety and importance cannot be ignored. In order to ensure the safety of lithium-ion batteries for electronic products, improve the company’s production management capabilities, and promote and standardize the development of the battery industry, 3C lithium-ion batteries require 3C certification and testing. This article mainly explains the certification process and test processing methods of 3C lithium-ion batteries, as well as the effect of the high-current shrapnel microneedle module used for connection testing and conduction.

3C lithium-ion battery certification process and test solutions

  3C Lithium-ion battery certification process

  3C lithium-ion battery certification is divided into four steps:

  First, determine the range of use of lithium-ion batteries;

  2. Confirm 3C lithium ion battery test content;

  3. Send 3C lithium ion battery samples to battery testing laboratory for testing;

  4. Check the 3C lithium-ion battery factory and obtain the 3C certification of lithium-ion battery after confirming that it meets the qualified specifications.

  3C lithium ion battery certification test content

  3C lithium-ion battery certification tests include:

  1. Safety requirements

  General safety requirements

  2. Battery maintenance circuit safety requirements

  System maintenance circuit safety requirements

  (4) General requirements

  2. Safety test

  Battery safety experiment

  (2) Battery environmental safety test

  (3) Battery safety experiment

  (4) Battery pack environmental safety test

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