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Opportunities and challenges of ion battery technology

Time:2021-01-07 Views:251

  Opportunity 1: Low-carbon and environmental protection, the global automotive electrification wave is irreversible

  Driven by factors such as low-carbon environmental protection, power safety, and industrial support, the global electric vehicle market has developed rapidly. As of the end of 2017, the market share exceeded 3.4 million vehicles, the market share exceeded 1%, and the annual compound markup rate reached 58%. The electrification of automobiles is irreversible, and the industrial form is accelerating. By 2025, global sales of new power vehicles are expected to exceed 18 million. Sales of new electric cars in my country will exceed 7 million.

  Opportunity 2: The policy continues to be clear, and the development of new energy vehicles is the only way for my country to transform from a major automobile country to a powerful automobile country;


  The new electric car has been promoted as a national strategy; the dual integration of industrial policies will replace allowances as the basis for long-term professional management; by 2025, the proportion of new energy reserves will reach 20%.

  Opportunity 3: Industry and value restructuring will give birth to new types of auto formats and large companies

  Skill reconstruction: The key core skills will gradually expand from the vehicle to the key systems and components.

  Service reconstruction: From a product supplier to a product + service + travel plan supplier, the user interface has become critical.

  Value reconstruction: The core value point will be transferred from the whole vehicle to the key system, parts, upstream and downstream.

  Competitive reconstruction: Industrial competition will evolve from product competition to industrial channel competition. As of the end of 2017, there were 314 new energy vehicle companies nationwide, more than 200.

  Response 1: Confidence in the use of new energy vehicles has affected the new energy vehicle mall

  Concerns about battery technology, charging inconvenience, price and range are still important factors for most consumers to choose new cars.

  Response 2: The charging system cannot meet customer needs and the distribution is uneven

  The construction of the fast charging system is imperfect and the popularization is uneven; most of the urban residents in my country are apartment houses, and the ratio of parking space equipment in the community is less than 1:1, and the old community lacks parking space equipment. Charging pile equipment has to be processed by the urban construction, power, property and other departments, and it is difficult to install it by yourself.

  Fight 3: Business model innovation is emerging, but not yet mature

  The new business model is still in the exploratory stage, and it will take a long time to practice. After all, it is necessary to find a sustainable profit model. It will cause a certain amount of interference to the company's operations in a short time; for example, the loss of online car rental is more than 3 years, and the loss of timeshare rental is more than 4 years.

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