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Battery manufacturing-how to handle batteries

Time:2021-01-08 Views:182

  The battery is the smallest battery in the battery system. This is the basic structure of automotive power lithium batteries. The battery is like a container for storing electrical energy. How much capacity it can store depends on how much active material is contained in the positive and negative electrodes. The design of the positive and negative plates should be adjusted according to different models. The capacity of the positive and negative materials, the ratio of active materials, the thickness of the electrode, and the compaction density also have an important influence on their capacity.

Battery manufacturing-how to handle batteries

  Pulping of active substances. Mixing process

  Stirring is to mix the active material into a pulp through a vacuum mixer. This is the first step in battery production. The quality control of this process will directly affect the quality of the battery and the qualified rate of finished products. However, the process flow is complicated, and the raw material ratio, mixing steps, mixing time, etc. have higher requirements.

  So what we are mixing here is the active material of the battery.

  In addition, during the mixing process, dust must be strictly controlled to prevent dust from affecting battery consistency. The level of dust control in the production workshop of Ningde Times is equivalent to that of medical treatment.

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