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The meaning of the letters and numbers on the lithium battery

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  Model naming of square battery: 6 numbers indicate the thickness, width and height of the battery, in millimeters. When any of the three dimensions is greater than or equal to 100mm, a slash should be added between the dimensions; if any of the three dimensions is less than 1mm, the letter t” shall be added in front of this dimension, and the unit of this dimension is one tenth of a millimeter.


  ICP103450 represents a square secondary lithium-ion battery. The positive electrode material is a diamond with a thickness of about 10mm, a width of about 34mm, and a height of about 50mm.

  ICPO8/34/150 represents a square secondary lithium-ion battery, the cathode material is drilled, its thickness is about 8mm, width is about 34mm and height is about 150mm.

  ICPt73448 represents a square secondary lithium ion battery, the cathode material is drilled, and its thickness is about

  0.7mm, width is about 34mm, height is about 48mm.

  The model name of cylindrical lithium battery consists of three letters and five digits. IEC61960 stipulates the rules for cylindrical and square batteries as follows:

  Cylindrical lithium battery, 3 letters followed by 5 numbers. 3 letters, I means there is built-in lithium ion, L means lithium metal or lithium alloy electrode. The second letter represents the cathode material, C represents diamond, N represents nickel, M represents manganese, and V represents vanadium. The third letter is R for cylindrical shape.

  There are 5 digits, the first 2 digits indicate the diameter, the last 3 digits indicate the height, and the unit is mm.

  For example: ICR18650 is a general-purpose 18650 cylindrical battery with a diameter of 18mm and a height of 65mm.

  3.6V is the indicator and the voltage is 3.6V

  C is the discharge rate when the battery is discharged. The unit is mAh. In layman's terms, it is the discharge size or speed per unit time. For example, when the battery capacity used is discharged after 1h, it is called 1C discharge; after 5h, it is called 0.2C discharge.

  The above is the interpretation of the meaning of the letters and numbers on the lithium battery, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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