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The correct discharge method of 36v lithium battery

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  Charge in time to prevent over-discharge. Ordinary mobile phone users are not aware of the hazards of over-discharge, because there are usually no reports of safety accidents in over-discharge. Moreover, some people even think that regular deep discharge is good for the maintenance of battery performance. In fact, this is not the case, because the memory effect of a 36v lithium battery is negligible, and there is no such thing as a deep discharge to eliminate the memory effect. Theoretically, the total cycle life of a 36v lithium battery deep discharge will be longer, but the risk is that over-discharge of the battery will cause the battery voltage to be too low and cannot be charged normally, sometimes it will take a long time to turn on, or even fail to turn on. The two evils are the lesser one. A shorter service life is better than no use. Therefore, users of mobile phones and laptops are advised not to frequently use black screens.

The correct discharge method of 36v lithium battery

  36v lithium battery is properly maintained

  The temperature is suitable, and it is resistant to cold and heat. When idle, 36v lithium batteries usually do not have safety accidents. The purpose of daily maintenance is to place the 36v lithium batteries in a suitable environment to delay battery aging. In fact, one of the 36v lithium battery parameter design is the appropriate temperature. Relatively speaking, lower temperature is not a big problem, but if it is placed at a higher temperature, the old saying goes that the substance will be reversed, and it will also cause safety problems. The idle state we are talking about is only in terms of the normal environment. If the 36v lithium battery is placed in water or close to the fire source, it will be out of the topic of "maintenance". Then, what is to be done in a normal environment? The water side is moisture-proof and the hot side is sun-proof. Therefore, the suitable environment for daily maintenance of 36v lithium battery should be four words: ventilation and cool. These four words should be followed regardless of whether the 36v lithium battery is left unused independently or used in electrical appliances.

  In the correct use of 36v lithium battery, 36v lithium battery charging method is the most important, because incorrect charging method will cause safety problems, and discharge and daily maintenance only affect the life of 36v lithium battery, 36v lithium battery It is also a kind of consumable, no matter what method we take, we can't avoid its final loss, but we use the correct method to delay its aging.

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