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Recycling of UPS lead-acid batteries

Time:2021-01-14 Views:200

  The recycling process of used UPS lead-acid batteries:

  1. Transport the waste lead-acid batteries to the warehouse of the smelting plant in a special environmentally friendly vehicle;

  2. Pour the electrolyte of the waste lead-acid battery into the sedimentation tank for drug treatment;

  3. Disassemble the used lead-acid battery and send the shell to a plastic recycling plant for professional treatment;

Recycling of UPS lead-acid batteries

  4. Separate the separators of used lead-acid batteries and send them to a professional factory for recycling;

  5. Send the sorted waste plates into a large reverberatory furnace for smelting to make lead ingots for recycling;

  6. The waste water from the smelting process flows into the sedimentation tank and is treated with the electrolyte together with the medicine;

  7. The waste slag in the smelting process shall be sent to a professional iron smelting plant for treatment;

  8. The waste smoke generated in the smelting process is safely discharged after being treated by the bag dust removal device. At this point, the environmental recycling process of waste lead-acid batteries is over.

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