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Lithium-ion battery soft pack cell

Time:2021-01-15 Views:163

  Production process of lithium-ion battery soft pack cells:

  Soft-packed lithium batteries are thermally packaged, while metal shell batteries are generally welded (laser welding). The reason why soft-pack batteries can be thermally sealed is that they use aluminum-plastic packaging film.

Lithium-ion battery soft pack cell

  The first step-preparation of electrode paste

  The important thing is to mix electrode active materials, binders, solvents, etc., and stir and disperse them thoroughly to form a slurry;

  Step 2-coating

  Coat the slurry prepared in the first step evenly on the current collector (aluminum foil or copper foil, etc.) at the specified thickness, and dry the solvent;

  The third step-pole piece punching

  Punch the pole piece produced in the previous step into the specified size and shape;

  Step 4-stacking

  Assemble the positive and negative plates and the diaphragm together, and form the pole core after the glue is applied;

  Step 5-Assemble the soft pack battery

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