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Steps of battery assembly technology

Time:2021-01-15 Views:259

  Some related steps of lithium-ion battery assembly technology:


  1. Battery material handling

  Some materials used in secondary batteries, such as lithium ion, require special treatment. The electrode should be processed at high speed without damaging the fragile active material. In the electrolyte, special consideration should be given to preventing precipitation and corrosive gases.

  2. Cam unit

  If the machine is constructed with a pneumatic cylinder or AC servo actuator, the cycle time is less than 1 second, even if it is in good condition when a new machine is installed, it is difficult to synchronize or maintain a stable condition for a long time. Then, the cylinder reaches the end of its running distance in a short time, so its maintenance cycle is short. In the cam mechanism of the machine structure, such a problem can be solved because all the drives are maintained by the smallest motor.

  3. Installation and base

  Establishing a strong installation and foundation for machinery is very important for long-term stability. The installation and base can shorten the startup time by minimizing the accuracy deviation of the transmission and transmission mechanism. Generally, the use of aluminum frames is eliminated. Build a stable foundation using the substantial foundation of thick square logs and the can manufacturing process. Regarding various requirements, annealing can be performed and mounts with extra precision can be used.

  4. Vacuum treatment

  There are not only simple vacuum chambers and furnaces, but also mechanisms for vacuum chamber operation and liquid application equipment. Must have a wealth of knowledge of special vacuum equipment and parts such as vacuum pumps, pipes and valves.

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