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Battery management system "start again"

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  Although the epidemic has caused a huge impact on the global automobile market, the new energy automobile market is showing a story of rising against the trend. Li Xiaohe, vice president and general manager of the drive and energy system product line of NXP Semiconductors, analyzed that the further strengthening of regulatory requirements, the sharp drop in battery costs, the increase in cruising range and charging speed, and the increasing variety of electric vehicles have combined to drive electric vehicles. The new "horsepower".

Battery management system "start again"

  And the key system-battery management system (BMS) also "take advantage of the trend." The recent news that Volkswagen has adopted NXP's battery management solutions on its MEB electric vehicle platform has brought BMS to the front again. It is reported that the MEB platform is a cross-brand and cross-model platform, and Volkswagen will launch as many as 75 all-electric vehicle models to the market in the future based on this platform. The reason for this big order, in the words of Li Xiaohe, is because NXP BMS has solved the "pain points" in the electrification process of automakers. What kind of "secrets" are contained in it?

  The "pain points" of new energy vehicles

  It should be understood that when electric vehicles are becoming popular, automakers have already increased their electrification investment from an economic and compliance perspective. However, to reach the explosive "turning point", many challenges must be overcome.

  As an "essential part" of electric vehicles, even if battery costs are continuously optimized, they still account for 1/4 to 1/3 of the total vehicle cost.

  Li Xiaohe believes that the continuous reduction of battery costs is an important decisive point for the popularization of electric vehicles and the profitability of OEMs. In addition to reducing the cost of batteries, it is necessary to continuously optimize or simplify the electronic, electrical and mechanical architecture, and continuously upgrade the level of automated assembly on the production line. , Thereby improving production efficiency.

  The "work" to be made in terms of mileage and charging is naturally to extend the cruising range and shorten the charging time. "From an electrochemical point of view, extending mileage requires increasing specific energy, and shortening charging time requires adding specific power. In the process of gradually challenging specific energy and specific power limits, the functional safety level of battery management, the accuracy of diagnosis, and the Speed is becoming more and more important." Li Xiaohe mentioned.

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