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Battery quality affects safety and battery life

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  Because of the relatively large area of our country, people may be more anxious about the cruising range, so domestic power lithium battery companies may be more concerned about specific energy density. However, some power lithium battery companies in Europe, Japan, etc., have their own focus on specific power density, safety, consistency and other indicators in power lithium battery technology.

Battery quality affects safety and battery life

  Whether 350 watt-hours/kg can be achieved is not about prediction, but more about technological breakthroughs and industrial applications. The reporter learned that the current domestic and foreign lithium-ion power lithium battery cell technology research and development are basically at the same level, but safety research needs to be strengthened. The core of this battery is safety.

  Experts agree that the quality of power lithium batteries affects the safety and endurance of electric vehicles, especially safety issues. Prevention should be the first priority, and product design should be started, especially when the battery specific energy continues to increase, the more attention should be paid to safety problem. At the same time, with the expansion of power lithium battery production, my country's new energy vehicle power lithium battery industry has more and more product differences, which will undoubtedly set off a new round of industrial restructuring.

  Yang Weibin, Dean of Huatai New Energy Research Institute, revealed that my country's new energy vehicles have increased very fast in the past two years. On the one hand, they benefit from the increase in energy density of power lithium batteries, and on the other hand, they also benefit from the rapid decline in costs. . With the advancement of power lithium battery technology and the decrease in cost, coupled with policy preferences, the advantages of electric vehicles relative to traditional fuel vehicles will gradually appear in the future. Yang Weibin predicts that with the expansion of the industrial scale and the large-scale application of power lithium battery recycling, there is still room for further decline in power lithium batteries in the future. Xiao Chengwei pointed out that power lithium battery technology is developing rapidly, but everyone has high requirements for batteries, hoping to reach the level of competition with fuel vehicles, energy density, power density, safety, cycle life, fast charging, temperature range and use The cost can reach the expected goals, so the power lithium battery industry is still facing greater challenges, but he believes that with the efforts of the entire industry, these goals can be achieved, or close to being achieved.

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