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Several methods to reduce the cost of lithium battery packs

Time:2021-01-19 Views:204

  Increase the lithium battery specifications of lithium battery manufacturers: The lithium battery pack is composed of hundreds of single-cell lithium batteries connected in series, and the lithium battery is a key component of the cost control of the lithium battery pack. At this stage, the key to reducing the cost of lithium battery products is to improve the raw material management system, expand the specifications of lithium batteries, and improve the quality of lithium batteries.

Several methods to reduce the cost of lithium battery packs

  2. Lightweight structural components of lithium battery manufacturers: excellent components of lithium batteries, such as lithium battery core casing, machine cover, steel/aluminum casing, positive and negative conductive flexible connectors, conductive flexible connecting rods for rechargeable batteries, etc., despite the cost Higher power lithium batteries usually account for only a small proportion, but it has become the key to rechargeable battery manufacturers seeking to reduce prices.

  3. BMS rechargeable battery intelligent management system: Compared with other raw materials, BMS rechargeable battery intelligent management system reduces the price.

  4. Improve the efficiency of automation technology: Lithium battery pack manufacturers have improved the automated production of their production lines with efficiency, and reduced their manufacturing costs on the basis of mass production. This is also an important way for power lithium battery companies to reduce product costs. In addition, according to the improvement of processing technology and production technology, the intelligent system is completed to replace the manufacturing of imported products, which improves the utilization rate and yield of raw materials, and greatly reduces the cost of lithium battery materials and PACK products.

  5. Purchase the entire production line to reduce the cost of lithium battery packaging: The production of power lithium batteries has grown rapidly in recent years, and lithium battery manufacturers and lithium battery manufacturers are slowly tending to bid for packaging of lithium batteries.

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