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What are the lithium battery charge management IC chips?

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  What are the lithium battery charge management IC chips?

  2 series 7.4V lithium battery is also called 8.4V lithium battery, because the full voltage is 8.4V, the general voltage is 7.4V. The overcurrent protection threshold of the dual lithium battery protection chip circuit is determined by switching the MOS tube PW8205A8TS. If the current is small, multiple operations can be performed at the same time to increase the applicable range of overcurrent.


  Power management IC chip

  Lithium battery power management chip is a chip responsible for power management such as conversion, distribution, and detection of electrical energy in electronic equipment systems. The key is to identify the amplitude of the CPU power supply, the corresponding short moment wave appears, and the subsequent circuit is driven to output power. Commonly used power management chips include HIP6301, IS6537, RT9237, ADP3168, KA7500, TL494, etc.

  Power management chips have been widely used. The development of power management chips is of great significance in improving the performance of the whole machine. The choice of power management chips is directly related to system requirements, and the development of digital power management chips needs to overcome difficulties. All electronic devices have power supplies, but different systems have different requirements for power supplies. In order to give full play to the best performance of the electronic system, we should choose the most suitable power management mode.

  To some extent, it is precisely because of the popularity of power management IC chips for power batteries that power semiconductors are called power management semiconductors. It is precisely because so many integrated circuits (ICs) have entered the power supply field that people more often refer to power management as the current power technology.

  Among these power management integrated circuits, the voltage regulator integrated circuit is the fastest growing and most productive part. Various power management integrated circuits are basically related to many related applications, so more types of devices can be listed to meet different applications. High efficiency, low power consumption, and intelligence are the technical trends of lithium-ion battery power management.

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