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Advantages of automotive lithium battery pack

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  Currently, lead-acid battery electric vehicles are the most sold on the market, but many regions have begun to introduce lithium battery electric vehicles. From the context, lithium battery electric vehicles are nothing more than replacing lead acid with lithium ion batteries. Compared with lead-acid batteries, how good are lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles? Does it really have companies and dealers say so vividly? Usually the country advocates energy saving, green, and environmental protection. When it comes to lithium batteries for electric vehicles, are they good? ? Everyone has a very different idea, "Lithium batteries are lighter than lead-acid batteries, have a longer life, but are very expensive", but what's so good? They seem to be unable to answer. This image is provided by registered user "Silent Time". Reflects the advantages and disadvantages of lithium battery electric vehicles

Advantages of automotive lithium battery pack

  The advantages of the electric vehicle group are as follows

  1. The power supply is light in weight and small in size. At present, the brand of lithium-ion battery electric vehicles is diversified, with dynamic performance and lead-acid batteries. It can be charged for 6 to 8 hours. According to the battery capacity, it can run for 30 to 45 kilometers, and the weight is only 1/5 of that of lead-acid batteries. , And the lithium battery cover is generally 2 years, and the lead-acid battery is guaranteed for 1 year.

  2. The lithium li battery pack has no activation feature, and the power supply is easy to activate. As long as the battery is activated after 3-5 normal charge and discharge cycles, the battery can be restored to normal capacity. Due to the characteristics of electricity, there is almost no memory effect. Therefore, the user's new power battery is not a special method and equipment during the activation process.

  3. Strong durability. Since the weight of the lithium battery pack is only 30% of the lead-acid battery, under the same voltage and capacity, the lithium ion zi battery has a strong durability.

  4. The power battery has a long cycle life. The lithium-ion battery is charged and discharged at a rate of 1C, and its cycle life is greater than or equal to 500 times, and the capacity is greater than 70% of the nominal copper beam at the 500th time. The lead-acid battery that uses 0.5 times of discharge and 0.15C for charging, its cycle life is less than or equal to 350 times, and the capacity is less than or equal to 60%.

  5. The operating temperature range is wide. The electric bicycle lithium battery can work in the range of -25 degrees to 55 degrees, and its electric capacity can reach 70% of the standard capacity, and lead-acid batteries can only work at 10 degrees to 40 degrees. Normal work is at -25 degrees.

  6. The charging time of lithium-ion battery pack is short, and it is environmentally friendly. Because the electric bicycle battery has the characteristics of high current charging, the charging time is only 4-5 hours, while the lead-acid battery needs 8-10 hours. It does not contain lead, which is harmful to the environment, and is a highly environmentally friendly product.

  7. The lithium battery pack of electric vehicles can be discharged at a large current: the power supply discharges a large current at a rate of 1C, and its capacity is only 60% of the rated capacity.

  8. Environmental protection: The entire production process is clean and non-toxic, and all raw materials are non-toxic.

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