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Lithium battery cathode material

Time:2021-01-21 Views:174

  Cathode material is the most critical raw material, accounting for more than 30% of the cost and the largest proportion. The quality of the cathode material directly determines the performance indicators of the lithium battery, such as energy density performance, specific power, applicable temperature range, safety performance, etc.

Lithium battery cathode material

  In 2016, the price of ternary lithium ion cathode materials was about 160,000 yuan/ton, the price of lithium cobalt acid was about 190,000 yuan/ton, the price of lithium manganese acid was about 50,000 yuan/ton, and the price of lithium iron phosphate was about 110,000 yuan. Yuan / ton. It is not difficult to see that in 2016, the overall price of ternary lithium cathode materials was at a relatively high level. The important reason is that there is no qualitative leap in technology. The cycle efficiency is between 1000-2000 times, and the overall energy density does not exceed 200Awh/kg.

  In 2017, the price of ternary lithium battery materials was 200,000 yuan/ton, the price of lithium cobalt oxide was 400,000 yuan/ton, the price of lithium iron phosphate was 75,000 yuan/ton, and the price of lithium manganate was 50,000 yuan/ton. Needless to say, the reason for the price increase is the price of cobalt for ternary lithium anode materials, which leads to the increase in domestic prices of ternary materials. Finally, the ternary lithium battery price inflation continues, which is also directly related to the price increase of cobalt.

  It is expected that the price of lithium-ion ternary cathode materials will continue to rise sharply in 2018. The main reason is that the price of cobalt is still rising. It has risen to 700,000 yuan/ton, which is a price that most companies cannot afford. Therefore, price increases are the predicted trend.

  Generally speaking, the price of ternary lithium battery cathode materials is on the rise, and the fastest year of increase should be 2017. The slowest increase will be lost in 2016, and prices will rise slowly in 2019.

  Reasons for the price increase of ternary lithium cathode materials

  1. Technical bottleneck, failure to break through technology, resulting in low prices in recent years.

  2: The price of cobalt is soaring, and the ancient cobalt reserves in my country are quite small. If it is cobalt, it can only be imported from abroad, and if the import is too heavy, it will just exceed (gold).

  3. Domestic demand exceeds supply. With the introduction of powered passenger cars, lithium power sources can be used in passenger cars, greatly stimulating the expansion of lithium-ion battery production. However, it takes time to expand production, leading to a shortage of cathode materials for lithium batteries in my country.

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