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What are the tips for 18650 lithium batteries?

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  It should be noted during the use of the 18650 lithium battery that the battery will enter the dormant state after being placed for a period of time, the capacity is lower than normal, and the use time is shortened. But the lithium battery is easy to activate, as long as 3-5 normal charge and discharge cycles can activate the battery and restore normal capacity. Lithium batteries have almost no memory effect by their nature. Therefore, the new lithium battery in the user's mobile phone does not require special methods and equipment during the activation process. Not only in theory, but also in my own practice, it is best to start with the battery standard "natural activation" charging method.

What are the tips for 18650 lithium batteries?

  1. Correct storage technique: 18650 storage temperature range is 0℃+60℃, working temperature: -20℃-50℃, the best working temperature is 20℃-40℃, 60℃ is the temperature to ensure battery life, high temperature It will shorten the lifespan, and it will be dangerous if it exceeds 100℃. Generally, it will burn or explode at 130℃.

  2. Correct charging skills for lithium li battery: the charging temperature of 18650 lithium battery is 0℃~+45℃, the safe working voltage range of lithium ion battery is 2.8~4.2V, the lithium ion lower or higher than the voltage range is in the battery It became very unstable and even caused accidents. In order to ensure that the battery is within a safe range, a special charger is required. These chargers will automatically adjust the charging mode according to the current state of the battery.

  3. The necessary skills for discharging lithium-ion zi batteries: use the battery specifications of the normal production cylindrical battery manufacturers, and we will strictly implement the emission standards in accordance with the battery specifications. The discharge of ordinary cylindrical batteries is the special status of 0.2 C, 3 C discharge, The instantaneous discharge may reach about 8 c3m. If the media uses the battery's charging and discharging file content, it is basically unsafe. If there is no such data, the battery manufacturer can be charged.

  4. The correct assembly method of 18650 lithium batteries in series and parallel: Lithium li battery is divided into positive and negative. If it is parallel, it is positively related to the anode and cathode and anode. If the 18650 series is used, it is a positive electrode battery negative connection To the battery B series, the cylindrical battery series will have a new capacity with dual voltage and when assembled in parallel, the battery capacity will reach the voltage and remain unchanged. All 18650 lithium battery series are designed in parallel with new battery circuit boards, so that consumers can use it while designing More at ease.

  5, 18650 lithium battery recycling instructions: You may have heard this sentence, such as the number of cycle life of 500 or 1000, but because the number of charging and discharging is limited, so you should try to recharge the battery of the light mobile phone battery. Life is beneficial, and the cycle life data is listed below:

  A, cycle life (10%DOD) 1000 times.

  B, cycle life (100% DOD) 500 times.

  DOD is an abbreviation for depth of discharge. It can be seen that the number of charging times of a lithium battery is related to the depth of discharge. The cycle life of 10% DOD is much longer than that of 100% DOD. Of course, if it is replaced with the relative total capacity of actual charging: 10%*1000=100, 100%*200=200, it is better to fully charge and discharge the latter.

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