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How to judge the true and false lithium-ion battery?

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  First of all, depending on the length of standby time of the purchased battery, the real battery should be the same as the label on the manual, while the fake battery is only half. Generally fake ones are assembled by using second-hand battery cells as the core and adding new packaging. Therefore, the standby time is greatly reduced; secondly, depending on the weight of the battery, since the current lithium-ion battery is generally composed of several batteries similar to the size of No. 5 or No. 7 with a switch device and a protection circuit, they have a certain weight. Generally, a 900mAh lithium battery cell is 35g, so if the battery plus switching equipment and circuit devices are less than 35g, it is likely to be fake; again, from the appearance of the battery, the genuine battery generally has the following characteristics, the battery label Using secondary printing technology, under certain light, from an oblique view, the color of the bar code part is obviously darker than other parts, and it feels more convex than other parts when touched by hand. The white surface of the genuine battery label is scratched with a metal object, and there are traces similar to a pencil. The battery shell is generally made of special materials, which is very strong and not easy to damage. Under normal circumstances, it is not easy to open the battery shell. The appearance of the battery is neat and there are no extra burrs, the outer surface has a certain degree of roughness and feels comfortable, the inner surface feels smooth, and fine longitudinal scratches can be seen under the light; in addition, there are many features that can distinguish true from false. This will not repeat them one by one.

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  In summary, the user should charge and discharge the battery several times after getting the battery to make the battery reach the best working condition. However, the complete charging and discharging here does not require more than 10 hours of charging, but when the battery indicates that it needs to be charged, the battery is charged, and then the charging process ends when it is fully charged. In addition, lithium-ion batteries must not be overcharged or overdischarged, otherwise the service life of the battery will be greatly reduced. Lithium-ion batteries are activated before they leave the factory. We don’t need to charge them continuously for more than 10 hours to activate. We only need to charge and discharge the batteries normally. Don’t overcharge and overdischarge to make the battery play its best state.

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