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Power lithium battery recycling is difficult to trouble

Time:2021-01-22 Views:201

  Recently, the my country Association of Automobile Manufacturers released data showing that in the first two months, sales of new energy vehicles were nearly 75,000, a year-on-year increase of 200%. The new energy automobile industry has entered a golden period of development. At present, the total target sales of mainstream auto companies have exceeded 700,000 vehicles, which is close to the previous total sales of domestic new energy. However, as the first batch of new energy vehicles have been on the road for five years, my country also ushered in the "small peak" of power lithium battery retirement, and its recycling and reuse has become a thorny issue facing the new energy vehicle industry.

Power lithium battery recycling is difficult to trouble

  According to reports, my country has been piloting subsidies for new energy vehicles since 2010, and will fully promote new energy vehicles in 2016. The general power lithium battery will be retired in 5-6 years. This means that starting from 2018, my country will have a large number of power lithium batteries entering the end of life. According to calculations, by 2020, the total amount of battery scrap in my country will reach 120,000 to 170,000 tons.

  At present, most of the power lithium batteries are lithium-ion batteries, some of which are toxic substances and are highly carcinogenic. Originally positioned as a "green and environmentally friendly" new energy vehicle, if the power lithium battery is improperly recycled, it will cause multiple pollution to the environment.

  But at present, the overall recycling network system for power lithium batteries is still very imperfect. Whether it is cascade utilization or recycling, it has not really formed a scale, and the technology still needs to be upgraded. It is understood that only a few third-party recycling companies in my country have built their own recycling networks, and the power lithium battery recycling system coordinated by car companies, battery companies, recycling companies, and logistics companies is far from being established.

  "The key technologies for the decommissioning and recycling of power lithium batteries are not mature enough. Some battery recycling companies still use manual dismantling or traditional recycling processes." said Zhang Changling, a senior engineer at the my country Automotive Technology Research Center, using traditional processes to recycle 1 ton of waste phosphoric acid Lithium iron-powered lithium batteries are not only unprofitable, but may lose money.

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