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Simple maintenance of lithium batteries for electric vehicles

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  Simple maintenance of lithium batteries for electric vehicles

  1. Proper charging and discharging to prevent damage: Excessive charging and discharging will cause greater damage to the rechargeable battery, so there is no need to wait for the total power consumption of the battery charging, nor to charge the battery for a long time (usually in the charging head signal Do not charge after 1-2 hours of ignition).

  2. Original original equipment, protection circuit: When the battery is charging, the unmatched current and working voltage will cause harm to the electronic control system, reduce the battery life, and even cause safety risks.

Simple maintenance of lithium batteries for electric vehicles

  3. Prevent frequent brake pedal, power and loss: frequent brake pedal, acceleration will make the rechargeable battery in the long-term high current charging and discharging situation, it is best to keep the average speed forward to make the rechargeable battery run stably.

  4. Pay attention to the natural environment of battery charging to avoid safety risks: battery charging is easy to short circuit the circuit in wet and cold rain and snow. In order to ensure safety, the battery should be charged in a dry, natural ventilation, and cold natural environment.

  5. Properly charge when not in use for a long time: In the case of long-term no need for battery cars, it is necessary to prevent the lithium-ion power supply from being in a state of lack of electricity for a long time, which will seriously affect the use cycle.

  6. Immediately clean up and prevent: When you don’t need a car, you should pay attention to the lithium-ion cleaning problem, immediately remove the dust and stains on the bottle stopper, maintain dry cleaning, avoid the life of the lithium-ion battery, and immediately remove the lithium-ion battery from charging , The patina of charging and discharging and the contact of the charging head to avoid safety risks caused by poor contact.

  7. To eliminate the risk of storage to eliminate the source of risk: Generally, when parking, the vehicle should be placed in a cool place, so that the lithium battery can prevent the wet and cold natural environment and long-term exposure to eliminate heat and flammable and explosive objects.

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