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What is the difference between lithium battery and power lithium battery

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  What is the difference between lithium battery and power lithium battery

  1. The battery capacity is different: in the case of all new batteries, test the battery capacity discharge meter. The capacity of an ordinary power lithium battery is about 1000-1500 mAh, and the capacity of an ordinary lithium battery exceeds 2000 mAh, and some have a capacity of 3400 mAh.

  2. Discharge power is different: 4200mah lithium battery can be discharged within a few minutes, but ordinary lithium battery can't do this at all, so the discharge capacity of ordinary lithium battery can not be compared with power lithium battery. The biggest difference between a power lithium battery and an ordinary lithium battery is its high discharge power and specific energy. The main purpose of power lithium battery is to provide energy for vehicles, so it has a higher discharge power than ordinary batteries.


  3. Different attributes: Power lithium battery refers to the battery that provides power for transportation vehicles, and is generally compared with small batteries that provide energy for portable electronic devices; ordinary lithium batteries are different from rechargeable lithium ion batteries and lithium ion polymers The battery is a primary battery with lithium metal or lithium alloy as the negative electrode material and non-aqueous electrolyte solution.

  4. Different applications: Electric vehicle power batteries are called power lithium batteries, including traditional lead-acid batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries and emerging lithium-ion power lithium batteries, which are divided into power batteries (hybrid vehicles) and energy power batteries (Pure electric vehicles); Lithium batteries used in consumer electronics such as mobile phones and laptops are often called lithium batteries. Different from lithium batteries used in electric vehicles

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