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Lithium battery charging current is better

Time:2021-01-23 Views:267

  What is the best current for charging a lithium battery? There is no uniform standard, but it depends on what type of lithium battery and whether it supports fast charging technology, so that we can know how much lithium battery charging current is more appropriate. After knowing the type and properties of the lithium battery, how to calculate the charging current of the lithium battery? This is determined by the chemical substance of the lithium battery. Therefore, it is necessary to configure the performance of the charging IC according to the charging characteristics of the lithium battery itself to achieve the correct, safe and efficient use of the lithium battery. Next, An Defeng, a manufacturer of lithium battery in Dongguan, tells you how much the charging current of the lithium battery is better.


  1. The best current during constant current charging: The so-called constant current means that the current is constant and the voltage gradually rises, and then it enters the fast charging stage. Most of the constant current charging current is set between 0.4~0.6C, which can be understood as 0.5C, that is, it can be fully charged in about two hours without considering other factors. The reason why 0.5C is chosen is that this current is a good balance between charging time and charging safety.

  2. Charging current during constant voltage charging: For single-cell lithium-ion batteries, when the battery reaches a certain voltage value, it enters constant voltage charging. This voltage value is generally 4.2V. At this stage, the voltage remains unchanged and the current Decrease; this kind of current reduction is a successively decreasing process, most lithium battery protection choose 0.01C as the termination current, which means that the charging process enters the end state. Once charging is over, the charging current drops to zero.

  3. Optimal current during pre-charging: that is, when the initial/no-load voltage of the lithium battery is lower than the pre-charging threshold, it must first go through a pre-charging stage. For a single lithium-ion battery, this threshold is generally 3.0V. At this stage, the pre-charge current is about 10% of the current in the next stage-the constant current charging stage.

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