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Lithium ion battery repair

Time:2021-01-23 Views:219

  Three common methods for repairing lithium-ion batteries in mobile phones:

  1. Use a clean eraser or cleaning tools of other materials to gently wipe the metal contacts on the lithium-ion battery and the metal contacts on the mobile phone, which will help the charging status and the lasting power.

  2. Wrap the old cell phone lithium-ion battery that automatically shuts down with plastic wrap, and try to be as compliant as possible when wrapping it. There are three layers inside and outside to ensure that the battery is in a vacuum state. Then, wrap three layers of newspapers outside the plastic wrap to completely seal the lithium-ion battery. Put it in the freezer layer of the refrigerator. After 48 hours, take out the batteries and remove the six layers of paper film wrapped one by one. The lithium-ion battery has no surface expansion or deformation due to freezing. After cooling for a period of time, then charge.


  3. Let the lithium-ion battery that is close to being scrapped completely discharge, and then recharge and activate the battery. The specific method is: deep discharge of the mobile phone is to achieve a deeper recharge by depleting the internal electric energy, which requires some unconventional methods. Use a specific device to connect the mobile phone to a small low-voltage light bulb, and the power inside the battery will be transferred to the small light bulb until all is discharged. "The mobile phone must slowly drain its power through a lower voltage. Under normal circumstances, if the mobile phone is connected to the rated voltage of less than 3.6 volts, it will automatically shut down." After the battery is discharged, the recharged mobile phone battery can be used more. Long time.

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