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What are the advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries

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  One disadvantage of lithium battery:

  1. Lithium-cobalt data Lithium batteries cannot be discharged under high current, and their safety is poor.

  2. The safety of lithium batteries is poor and there is a danger of explosion.

  3. High production requirements and high costs.

  4. All lithium batteries need to maintain circuits to avoid overcharge and discharge.


  Lithium battery classification:

  1. Lithium ion battery: Lithium ion battery usually uses lithium alloy metal oxide as positive electrode data, graphite as negative electrode data, non-aqueous electrolyte battery.

  2. Lithium metal battery: Lithium metal battery usually uses manganese dioxide as positive electrode data, lithium metal or its alloy metal as negative electrode data, and non-aqueous electrolyte solution.

  Second, what are the advantages of lithium batteries

  1. Green and environmental protection, no matter it is produced, used or scrapped, it does not contain or exist any toxic and harmful heavy metal elements, lead, mercury, cadmium and other substances.

  2. The service life of lithium batteries is relatively long. The service life of a lithium iron phosphate battery with a positive electrode exceeds 6 years. The battery with positive electrode is charged and discharged with 1CDOD, and there are 1000 application records.

  3. Lithium battery high voltage platform: the voltage of single battery is 3.7V or 3.2V, which is equivalent to the series voltage of three nickel-cadmium batteries or nickel-hydrogen batteries.

  4. The charge and discharge capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries for electric vehicles can reach 15×30°C, which is convenient for high-intensity start-up and acceleration.

  5. The energy density of lithium batteries is relatively high. The high energy storage density has reached 460-600Wh/kg, which is 6-7 times that of lead-acid batteries.

  6. The weight of lithium batteries is lighter than that of lead-acid batteries. The weight of lithium batteries is about 1/5 or 6 of the same volume of lead-acid batteries.

  7. Low self-discharge rate and no recall effect;

  8. Lithium battery has strong adaptability to high temperature and low temperature. It can be used in -20~60~C environment, after processing, it can be used in -45~C environment.

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