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Why the life of lithium batteries is getting shorter and shorter

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  Many people have reported that the current lithium batteries are not as durable as before. Not only the mileage has decreased, but the lifespan has also been shortened. Everyone may not understand why this is. Let's talk about the lithium battery manufacturers' batteries below.

Why the life of lithium batteries is getting shorter and shorter

  1. The charging time should not exceed 8 hours, even if the charger does not turn on the light, it should not exceed 8 hours. Charging all night is strictly prohibited. For convenience, many electric vehicle users often charge overnight. The charging time often exceeds 12 hours, and sometimes they even forget to cut off the power and charge for more than 20 hours. This will inevitably cause great damage to the lithium battery. Repeated charging for a long time may easily cause the lithium battery to be charged due to overcharging. The group of lithium batteries mentioned above that have been charged for just one month is caused by multiple long charging. Do not charge an electric car for more than 8 hours in summer. Even if it has been charged for 8 hours but the charger does not turn on the light, you should stop charging. The charger may also be affected by temperature and the parameters may drift.

  2. Use large motor power. At present, some manufacturers blindly pursue speed, increase the power of the motor, and increase the controller. This not only strains the lithium battery, but also causes a significant decrease in mileage. The lithium battery suffers serious damage, can it still run far? Therefore, when buying an electric car, please don't buy high-power at will. It hurts the car or the lithium battery.

  3. The charger should be used exclusively for special vehicles and should not be mixed. Nowadays, many families have two or more electric vehicles, and many electric vehicles are of different brands and models, and the lithium battery models are also different. Naturally, the chargers are also different and cannot be used universally. The correct way is to use special car chargers. However, some electric vehicle users will often mix and use them during use, and even use a 60V charger to charge a 48V lithium battery, and a 20AH charger to charge a 12AH lithium battery. The charging voltage and current do not match. The battery causes injury.

  4. The brake system problem. Partial braking of the brake will hinder the stroke and run hard, which will make the components "fatigue" work and affect the life. It can prevent the brakes from holding the brakes and the brakes with rolling friction. The brakes are one of the factors of riding safety. , Rebound, do not run with the brakes while riding, do not let the power be "pulled" by the brakes or the brakes will not return. In addition, check whether the brakes are powered off. When riding without power, accelerate the speed control lever and brake. The car wastes more power.

  5. Use a brand-name charger to charge the lithium battery. At present, the electric vehicle market is flooded with a large number of low-quality chargers. Many consumers do not pay attention to the quality of the chargers and are greedy for cheap, thinking that the chargers only need to charge lithium batteries. The electronic components of miscellaneous brand chargers are basically made of inferior materials, which are easily damaged. The frequent problem is that the lithium battery does not turn on the light after being fully charged, and the charging current cannot be adjusted according to the current of the lithium battery, which causes a large number of lithium batteries to be overcharged. The lithium battery will charge the drum after overcharge. If the electric vehicle charger cannot be used normally, it is recommended to replace a high-quality brand charger at a professional electric vehicle after-sales repair shop to ensure the charging quality and delay the service life of the lithium battery.

  6. Problems with anti-theft system. Today’s electric vehicles are becoming more and more intelligent. When we open and close the electric vehicles remotely, the power lock will still be energized even if the power lock is off. If we don’t ride the electric bike and leave it for 5 or 6 days, then our battery will be on the same level. Little is consumed. Next time when we turn off the power lock, we must confirm that the power of the entire vehicle has been turned off to avoid self-discharge of the electric vehicle, resulting in a decrease in capacity until the loss of the lithium battery.

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